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Driving offences are the most common criminal charge in Canada. One drink too many, a lapse in judgment, or a moment of inattention can result in disastrous outcomes, criminal prosecution, and life-altering consequences.

A driving offence conviction often results in a criminal record that can significantly impact one’s life, including the ability to find employment. In some instances, a driving offences conviction can result in hefty fines, long periods of driving suspension, or jail time. Therefore, it is important to retain an experienced driving offences lawyer who can help defend you.

Patrick C Fagan, K.C. has extensive experience defending driving offences prosecutions and has secured verdicts of not guilty for hundreds of clients charged with driving offences ranging from blowing over the legal limit to impaired driving and criminal negligence causing bodily harm and death.

Defending Calgary Driving Offences Charges

Driving offences charges include a wide range of driving infractions. The most common driving offences include impaired driving and related violations, such as blowing over the legal limit or refusing to blow. Other driving offences include careless driving and hit-and-run incidents and can also incur criminal charges such as criminal negligence.

When defending Calgary driving offences cases, nothing beats experience. The Law Office of Patrick C Fagan, K.C. has more than three decades of experience defending clients in Calgary and across Canada against driving offences charges, including impaired driving and careless driving — both of which carry hefty penalties and can have life-altering consequences.

Impaired Driving

One of the most common driving offences charged under the Criminal Code of Canada (the Code) is impaired driving, also known as “driving under the influence.” The police may arrest and charge a person for impaired driving if they observe them swerve on the road or, in another way, exhibit signs that they are operating a vehicle under the influence of substances such as alcohol or drugs to the extent that affects their ability to drive safely.

If you have been charged with impaired driving, the prosecution must prove that you operated the vehicle and that you were voluntarily impaired by a substance (alcohol, drugs, or combinations thereof). In some cases, the prosecution may upgrade the charges filed against you if you caused serious harm as a result of impaired driving. These charges are referred to as impaired driving causing bodily harm or impaired driving causing death.

All impaired driving charges have minimum penalties that range from a fine to jail time depending on the severity of the offences and whether the offence led to bodily harm. In addition to criminal penalties, impaired driving charges often lead to driver’s license suspension.

Careless Driving

Another driving offence that the Law Office of Patrick C Fagan, K.C. Careless commonly defends is careless driving. The offence is regulated in the Traffic Safety Act (TSA) in Alberta and is defined as a driver that drives a vehicle “without due care and attention” or “without reasonable consideration for persons using the highway.”

Careless acts that may incur a careless driving charge include failing to yield for a pedestrian, weaving in and out of traffic, or any other kind of behaviour considered irresponsible.

The penalties for careless driving in Calgary, Alberta, include a fine of up to $2000, a possible six-month jail term, a driving suspension of up to three months, jail time of up to six months, and six demerit points.

Over 35 Years Ripping Apart Calgary Driving Offences Charges

Hundreds of clients charged with driving offences in Calgary and across Alberta have managed to avoid hefty fines and jail time with the help of Patrick C Fagan, K.C. With over 35 years of experience in driving offences cases, Patrick C Fagan, K.C. knows how to protect clients’ rights and secure verdicts of not guilty — even in the most serious driving offences cases.

Calgary man accused of impaired driving causing bodily harm – verdict: Supreme Court rules Constitutional rights were breached, acquitted of all charges

Regina v. Taylor 2014 SCC 50

Patrick C Fagan, K.C. and Kaysi Fagan successfully argued before the Supreme Court of Canada that the RCMP had violated their client’s rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The man was arrested for impaired driving after crashing his pickup truck and injuring three passengers. However, Patrick C Fagan, K.C. and Kaysi Fagan argued that the man’s Constitutional rights were violated when the RCMP refused to let him contact a lawyer.

The Supreme Court of Canada sided with Patrick C Fagan, K.C. and Kaysi Fagan and set an important precedent for the Constitutional rights of all accused to obtain a fair trial.

Calgary driver charged with impaired driving – verdict: charges withdrawn

Regina v. C.J.N. [Provincial Court of Alberta, Calgary – February 2014]

Patrick C Fagan, K.C. successfully defended C.J.N. against an impaired driving charge and blowing over the legal limit. By defending the client’s Constitutional rights, Patrick C Fagan, K.C., managed to have all charges completely withdrawn.

Calgary driver charged with careless driving in fatal crash – verdict: not guilty

A woman was charged with careless driving in connection with a fatal highway collision, killing another driver. Patrick C Fagan, K.C. successfully defended her in court and managed to have the woman acquitted in court.

How Patrick C Fagan, K.C. Can Help You

With long-standing experience in securing verdicts of not guilty for clients charged with driving offences in Calgary and across Alberta, the Law Office of Patrick C Fagan, K.C., understands the importance of meticulously turning over every detail and inviolably defending everyone’s Constitutional rights. From smaller driving violations to fatal crashes and collisions, Patrick C Fagan, K.C., has the expertise and knowledge needed to successfully represent clients in driving offences cases.

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