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Have You Been Charged with a Criminal Offence in Calgary?

When facing a criminal charge, choosing the right defence lawyer can make or break the case. A skilled criminal defence lawyer will help you navigate the criminal justice system and make sure that you obtain the most favourable verdict possible — regardless of the severity of the charge or associated penalty you face.

Let Patrick C Fagan, K.C. defend you. With more than 35 years of experience defending criminal prosecutions, Patrick C Fagan, K.C. offers clients unparalleled expertise in criminal law. In 2008 he was appointed Queen’s Counsel (now King’s Counsel), an honorary title bestowed upon exemplary lawyers with exceptional legal ability. As one of the foremost criminal defence lawyers in the country, hundreds of clients in Calgary and across Alberta have trusted Patrick C Fagan, K.C. to defend them in court —earning him a widespread reputation for winning.

Criminal Defence Cases We Defend

With more than three decades of experience defending criminal cases, Patrick C. Fagan, K.C. has an exceptional track record of success. Serving all of Alberta, including Calgary, Patrick C. Fagan, K.C. has defended criminal defence cases ranging from simple assault cases to high-profile Constitutional rights cases fought up to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Drug Offences

The possibility of long prison sentences is very real for drug offences charges and can range from several years to life imprisonment. Defending these charges, including drug possession, drug possession for the purpose of trafficking, drug trafficking, and drug production, requires specialized knowledge of criminal law. Patrick C. Fagan, K.C., has an established track record of winning drug offences cases, from small drug possession charges to high-profile cases such as an $8 million drug seizure and an alleged cross-provincial drug ring.

Driving Offences

From impaired driving to careless driving charges, driving offences can result in hefty fines, long periods of driving suspension, or jail time. But a momentary lapse in judgment should not have to ruin your life. By choosing the right criminal defence lawyer, you can ensure you are properly defended.

Sexual Offences

Sexual offences include a wide array of unwanted acts of touch, ranging from an unwanted kiss, hug, or touch to more serious unwanted conduct, such as sexual intercourse or sexual assault. If you are facing a sexual offences charge, Patrick C Fagan, K.C. has long-standing expertise in successfully obtaining favourable verdicts and can help defend you.


Assault charges can vary in severity depending on the nature of the offence. But all convictions in assault cases can lead to life-altering consequences such as hefty fines, long jail terms, and/or a criminal record.


After arresting an individual, the police and prosecutor may be unwilling to release them. This means that a hearing is necessary to determine whether they should be released on bail while their case progresses through the court system.


Homicide charges such as murder and manslaughter carry penalties of life imprisonment with significant periods of parole ineligibility. There, it is important to retain a knowledgeable criminal defence lawyer with experience defending these charges. Patrick C. Fagan, K.C. has more than 35 years of experience successfully defending clients against homicide charges, including high-profile cases such as the Chestermere youth murder case.


Patrick C Fagan, K.C. has unparalleled expertise in defending clients against property offences, such as theft and fraud, and tax-related charges, such as tax evasion. These offences carry serious penalties and can severely impact your life if not adequately defended.

Over 35 Years Defending Criminal Prosecutions

Over his sprawling career, Patrick C Fagan, K.C. has a well-established track record of success and has secured verdicts of not guilty in several high-profile cases, earning him wide-spread renown — being cross-examined by “the Pitbull like Fagan is to enter a hellish nightmare,” according to the Calgary Herald.

British Columbia property trafficking case – verdict: not guilty

In 2015, Patrick C Fagan, K.C. successfully defended his client against multiple criminal charges, including four counts of possession of the stolen property. The trial was widely covered in the media and the Prince George Citizen said “the public gallery erupted in applause” after the verdict was handed down.

Calgary double homicide – verdict: not guilty

A Calgary man faced two homicide charges and retained Patrick C Fagan, K.C. to defend him in court. By showing that the evidence against his client was insufficient to conclude that he had killed the two victims, Patrick C Fagan, K.C. obtained a verdict of not guilty in 2019.

Largest drug seizure in the history of CPS – verdict: not guilty

The police found $8 million worth of drugs, around 66 kilograms of cocaine and 30 kilograms of methamphetamine, inside a van as part of a three-month-long investigation into drug trafficking. After a two-week-long trial, Patrick C Fagan, K.C. secured verdicts for the two accused men of not guilty on all drug charges.

How Patrick C Fagan, K.C. Can Help You

If you are facing criminal charges, choosing the right lawyer to defend you is one of the most important decisions you will make. It can be the difference between receiving a harsh penalty and having your charges dropped entirely.

With more than three decades of experience defending criminal prosecutions, Patrick C Fagan, K.C. understands the law inside and out. From smaller offences to high-profile cases, Patrick C Fagan, K.C. has the expertise, knowledge, and grit to successfully win cases. His track record of securing verdicts of not guilty speaks for itself.

No matter the charge, Patrick C Fagan, K.C. will conduct a meticulous investigation to gather evidence and statements to strengthen your case and discuss with you the best path forward — and potentially get your charges reduced, dropped, or obtain a pre-trial resolution.

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