“In court Fagan tore up the validity of that warrant like it was wet toilet paper.”

— Avenue Magazine

“Associate Chief Justice Sulatycky praised Fagan as one of the most respected lawyers in the Province.”

— Calgary Herald

“The prosecution’s witness got shredded this time.”

— Alberta Report



For over 35 years Patrick Fagan has devoted his professional life to the defence of persons charged with criminal offences.



With over 35 years of experience defending criminal prosecutions, Patrick Fagan has an established record of success and a well-earned reputation for winning.



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Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer

Choosing a lawyer to defend a criminal prosecution may be the most important decision you ever make. Life is complicated enough without adding a criminal conviction or jail term to the equation.

With over 35 years experience defending criminal prosecutions, Patrick Fagan has an established record of success and a well-earned reputation for winning. Make no mistake, choosing the right criminal lawyer can make all the difference between winning and losing.

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Practice Areas

Drug Charges


Defending against drug charges is a specialised area within criminal law that requires a lawyer with a deep understanding of the complexities of these cases. The investigations and prosecutions of drug cases tend to be more sophisticated than other criminal proceedings, and having a lawyer with experience in this field is essential.

driving offences


Driving charges are a common type of criminal charge in Canada. One mistake, such as having one drink too many, can lead to severe consequences and a criminal prosecution. Patrick Fagan has a proven track record of successfully defending clients charged with impaired driving, over .08, and refusing to blow.

assault violent crimes


Rise in violent crimes has led to stricter laws, increased police surveillance, and harsher sentences in court. Many offences that were once punishable by fine or probation now carry the possibility of jail time. These cases often receive media attention and can evoke strong emotions and pressure from the public to convict.

sexual offences


The rules surrounding interpersonal relations, including intimacy, are constantly changing in the 21st century. Conduct that may have been considered a misguided advance in the past, may now be used as evidence for a sexual assault prosecution. Being innocent does not protect you from the risks, uncertainty, and anxiety associated with criminal proceedings.

Defending Drug Charges


Defending Drug Charges

Defending drug prosecutions is arguably an area of expertise within the general practice of criminal law. Drug investigations tend to be more sophisticated and the resulting prosecutions more complex than many other criminal proceedings. In choosing a lawyer to defend a drug prosecution, there is no substitute for meaningful experience.

You want a lawyer with a well-established record of not just “defending” drug prosecutions but “winning” drug cases. Patrick Fagan’s track record is set out herein for all to see and speaks for itself. Patrick Fagan’s experience as a drug investigator resulted in his testimony being accepted as that of an expert in Provincial Court and Superior Court in matters of drug use and trafficking.


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Some of Patrick’s High-Profile Wins

Nanaimo-Judge-Finds-Man-Not-Guilty img
Trucker-Acquitted-In-Drug-Trafficking-Case img
Screencapture Calgarysun News Crime Breaking Calgary Police Make Record Breaking Drug Bust
Teen Cleared in Fatal Fight
Medicine Hat News Major Drug Seizure 2 1
Two men appear in Nanaimo court after cocaine seized from ‘sophisticated’ truck compartment
Man Cleared in Drug Bust
LPS seizes $200,000 in drugs and cash Tuesday
Judge Clears Driver
Judge can't sort out chaotic bloodbath, acquits Calgary man in double homicide
Record 4 Million
Judge Upholds Decision
RCMP Breached Rights
Accused Walks in Car Death
Judge Stays Drug Charges

“… a sharp lawyer like Fagan could make mince meat out of their case.”


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Patrick Fagan’s Appraisal

5 Stars

I am forever indebted to this man. My first lawyer ignored my calls and emails for 6 months then told me I was going to jail, since my case was a lost cause. Patrick Fagan won my case after my first lawyer told me it was impossible. He was supportive the entire time and offered multiple plans of attack. He is worth every dollar. He literally worked a miracle for me. I am so grateful for him. He is worth every dollar.

— E.W.

5 Stars

Cool as a cucumber. I have seen Pat cross examine detectives and he literally makes them squirm. I still remember vividly while I was sitting in the court room listening to my charges being read, I turned to Pat and he winked at me and smiled. Turns out he already knew we won the case. Such a stoic man. Money well spent. Thank you once again.

— J.D.

5 Stars

If you’re looking for a lawyer who wants to win, who actually cares about your well being and who will do what it takes. Then call Patrick Fagan, he takes pride in his work, will always answer your calls and answer questions you have.

— T.E.

5 Stars

Great lawyer. Sean and his team helped me. Great results!

— A.I.

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