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Armed robbery refers to any act of theft from a person while using a firearm or any other kind of weapon that is intended to cause intimidation, injury, or death. From robberies that occur in banks or stores to those in somebody’s home, armed robbery is a serious criminal offence under the Criminal Code of Canada and carries severe consequences. These charges involve allegations of violence, threats, and the taking of property through force.

If convicted of armed robbery, individuals may face significant prison time, including life imprisonment, and social and economic consequences that can affect the rest of their lives. That is why it’s essential to mount a strong and effective defence against such charges.

With more than three decades of experience defending clients against armed robbery charges, Patrick C Fagan, K.C. has built a reputation for providing aggressive and effective representation. He has helped countless clients in Calgary and across Alberta obtain fair verdicts ranging from having charges withdrawn to significantly reducing penalties. If you have been charged with armed robbery, Patrick C Fagan, K.C., will work tirelessly to craft a successful defence strategy tailored to your unique circumstances.

Defending Calgary Armed Robbery Charges

When an individual is charged with armed robbery, they are charged under section 343(d) of the Canadian Criminal Code. This section specifies that armed robbery is committed when an individual steals from someone while in possession of an offensive weapon or an object that resembles one. The term “offensive weapon” is not limited to guns or knives; it encompasses anything that can be used or intended to be used to cause harm or intimidate someone. This can include a wide range of objects, such as firearms, blunt or sharp objects, tools, or even common household items.

Crafting a successful defence strategy against armed robbery charges in Calgary requires a comprehensive approach that considers all available evidence, the specifics of the alleged crime, and the individual circumstances of the accused. This approach may include challenging the reliability or admissibility of the prosecution’s evidence, investigating the background of the alleged victim, and exploring all possible defences, including the mistaken identity or a false accusation.

Being accused of armed robbery is a serious offence that can result in life-altering consequences, including long jail terms and a permanent criminal record. As such, it is crucial to retain the services of an experienced armed robbery lawyer who can defend you throughout the court process, from a bail hearing to trial proceedings.

Patrick C Fagan, K.C. is an experienced armed robbery defence lawyer who understands the gravity of such charges and the impact they can have on the accused’s life. With his knowledge and experience, he will work tirelessly on your behalf to obtain the most favourable verdict possible. This may involve negotiating with the prosecution to reach a plea agreement or presenting mitigating factors to the court to reduce the severity of the sentence if a conviction is unavoidable.

35 Years of Experience Defending Calgary Armed Robbery Charges

Patrick C. Fagan, K.C. is widely recognized for his successful track record in defending clients against armed robbery charges in Calgary, Alberta. With a thorough examination of all evidence and a determination to prove his clients’ accounts of the events, he has achieved remarkable success in overturning convictions and securing not-guilty verdicts.

Man charged with armed robbery – verdict: not guilty

Despite several eyewitnesses linking the man to the crime, Patrick C. Fagan, K.C. was able to demonstrate that the DNA evidence presented in court was inadequate to prove his guilt. With the testimony of two DNA experts called by the defence, it was established that the DNA discovered on the weapon did not match that of the accused. As a result of this defence, the man was acquitted by a Calgary jury and found not guilty of the charges laid against him.

What are the consequences of an Armed Robbery charge?

An armed robbery conviction in Alberta can carry severe consequences and penalties. These vary depending on the specific circumstances in the case and the severity of the crime, including the use of violence or threat of violence, the value of property stolen, and the defendant’s criminal record.

If a person is found guilty of armed robbery, the offender can face a mandatory minimum sentence of four years in prison and a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. The sentence can also include a significant fine, probation, and a ban on owning firearms. The offender’s criminal record can also have long-term effects, including difficulty finding employment, renting a home, or travelling outside Canada.

In addition to the criminal charges, an offender can also face civil charges for damages caused during the robbery, such as injury or loss of property suffered by the victim.

Therefore, defending against an armed robbery charge is critical to avoid these severe consequences and penalties. It is crucial to seek the assistance of a skilled armed robbery lawyer in Calgary, such as Patrick C Fagan, K.C., who can protect your rights and build a strong defence against the charges.

How Patrick C Fagan, K.C. Can Help You

With over thirty years of experience in criminal law, Patrick C Fagan, K.C. has the knowledge and skill required to navigate the complexities of armed robbery cases. He understands the nuances of the law and the tactics used by prosecutors and uses this knowledge to build a strong, effective defence on every client’s behalf.

If you have been charged with armed robbery, nobody is better equipped to defend you. Whether it is challenging the prosecution’s evidence, negotiating plea deals, or presenting mitigating factors to reduce the severity of the sentence, Patrick C Fagan, K.C. will work tirelessly to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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