Teen’s lawyer pushes for youth court

A Chestermere teen accused in the beating death of schoolmate Tyler Trithart will have to wait another week to learn if his case will be moved to youth court.

The teen’s lawyer, Pat Fagan, has made an application to have the second-degree murder charge heard in a court for young offenders, not in adult court as is protocol.

Youths charged with first- or second-degree murder are automatically moved to adult court. The teen’s identity is protected under provisions of the Young Offenders Act.

The Crown says it has considered Fagan’s request and has sent the file to Edmonton for approval. The prosecutor’s recommendation will be made public July 3.

The 16-year-old accused, who sat with his family during Tuesday’s court appearance in Strathmore, has been charged with killing Trithart, 16.

Trithart, a Grade 11 student at Chestermere High School, died following a fistfight May 25.

Fagan said he’s unsure what the Crown’s decision will be.

“I don’t read into it one way or another,” he said.

Meanwhile, Fagan did ask the judge to modify his client’s bail release conditions to allow the teen to work over the summer months.

The teen was sent home with his parents May 29.

The teen’s curfew — from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. — was pushed back an hour.

He is now able to leave home at 6 a.m. to work at his summer job.

The teen will be back in Strathmore court July 3, when the Crown’s decision will be announced.

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