Regina v. K.A.A. [Provincial Court – August 2012]

KAA was a middle aged family man with no prior history with the police. KAA and his wife accepted an invitation to a dinner party at the residence of a couple with whom they’ve had a someone tenuous relationship. According to the female host of the dinner party, KAA sexually assaulted her when no one was looking. The alleged victim said nothing at the time to suggest that KAA had done anything wrong but two weeks later a complaint of sexual assault was registered with the police. KAA was arrested and charged with sexual assault. KAA steadfastly maintained his innocence with respect to the allegations and Patrick Fagan scheduled the matter for trial.

Bottom Line: On the verge of trial proceedings the complainant had a change of heart with respect to what had transpired at the dinner party. Patrick Fagan was successful in having all charges against KAA completely withdrawn.