Regina v. B.B.B. [Provincial Court – January 2013]

BBB was a highly educated well placed professional involved in extremely acrimonious divorce proceedings where matters of custody and disposition of property were hotly contested. All of a sudden, in the midst of those family proceedings, BBB’s estranged wife accused BBB of assault and criminal harassment. BBB vehemently denied both allegations and instructed Patrick Fagan to enter pleas of not guilty.

Bottom Line: The matter proceeded to a full blown trial during which Patrick Fagan had an opportunity to test the veracity of the complainant through cross-examination. The credibility of BBB’s estranged wife was found wanting and verdicts of not guilty were entered on all charges.

Patrick Fagan

Patrick C. Fagan is a highly accomplished lawyer with an impressive career spanning over 35 years in the legal field.

“… a sharp lawyer like Fagan could make mince meat out of their case.”


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