Record $4-million seizure

record-4-millionA four-month investigation has led officers to the largest cocaine bust in city history.

Nearly $4 million worth of cocaine was pulled from two homes and vehicles in south Calgary, as well as nine firearms, about $90,000 in cash and a pill press used to make ecstasy, the Calgary Police Service said Wednesday.

“This was a record seizure for us,” said Insp. Rob Williams. “We (have) 38 bricks of cocaine, each weighing in excess of a kilogram.”

The drugs were likely destined for sale in southern Alberta, Williams said.

It is estimated that 200 kilograms of cocaine pass through Calgary every week.

Police showcased the haul of drug trafficking paraphenalia on Wednesday afternoon.

The firearms will be sent for DNA and ballistics testing.

Bags of bottles containing liquid steroids, green ecstacy pills with alien emblems, bulletproof vests and a professional money counter were some of the items discovered in the bust.

“We’re aware that drugs are a prevalent problem in Calgary and we’re addressing it,” said Williams.

“This should show the public that we’re hammering these guys hard and doing everything we can.”

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