19. Regina v. V.A. [Provincial Court of Alberta, Calgary – October, 2013]

In an operation entitled “Operation Citadel” an undercover member of the Calgary Police Service drug unit made multiple purchases of street level quantities of cocaine from VA. During the last cocaine transaction the police arrested VA and a search incidental to his arrest revealed the presence of nine individually wrapped baggies of cocaine, one bag of cannabis marijuana and a quantity of cash. A subsequent search of VA’s residence revealed the presence of a quantity of crack cocaine and powder cocaine. The police also seized cash in the amount of $13,340.00.

As a consequence of the foregoing VA was charged with multiple counts of trafficking in cocaine, possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking and possession of proceeds of crime. An offer of resolution by way of a timely guilty plea in exchange for three years imprisonment was rejected. Ultimately . . . it became abundantly clear that multiple convictions would be entered against VA if the matter proceeded to trial and that it would be prudent to negotiate a plea and attempt to avoid (if at all possible) the imposition of an actual jail term. Bottom line: despite the opposition of the Crown we were successful in obtaining a Conditional Sentence Order (i.e.: “house arrest”).

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