Regina v. T.A.P. [Medicine Hat Provincial Court, September 2012]

Client was charged with two counts of trafficking (cocaine and marijuana); possession for the purpose of trafficking (cocaine); possession of proceeds of crime and three breaches of his bail conditions. T.A.P was released and within weeks was arrested a second time for further breaches. T.A.P. was released again and was then arrested a third time for trafficking in cocaine, possession for the purpose of trafficking (ecstasy) and three further breaches of his bail conditions. Ms. Fagan rejected the Crown’s offer of 18 months incarceration for an early guilty plea and scheduled the matter for trial. T.A.P. wished to have his matter resolved prior to trial. Ms. Fagan managed to secure the withdrawal of all but one charge and the entire prosecution was dealt with by a six month conditional sentence order (i.e. house arrest).

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