27. Regina v. S.K. [Provincial Court of Alberta, Calgary – November , 2011]

Client facing seventeen charges including four counts of trafficking in cocaine (direct hand to hand transactions with the same undercover officer), 6 counts of possessing proceeds of crime, two weapons offences and five counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking (arising from the search by warrant of residential premises and search of a motor vehicle incidental to client’s arrest) relative to various drugs including cocaine, psilocybin and cannabis marijuana. Short of a miracle client “dead in the water” relative to this most serious prosecution. Deal/offer of 4 years imprisonment in exchange for a timely guilty plea rejected and the matter scheduled for preliminary inquiry. Ultimately, the matter was resolved within 24 hours of commencement of the preliminary inquiry by way of a guilty plea to two counts and the complete withdrawal of the other fifteen counts. We successfully applied for a conditional sentence order (CSO) which allowed our client to serve his sentence in the community (i.e.: at home rather than an “institution”) thus keeping his life, family and employment intact.

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