13. Regina v. S. B. & P.P. [Provincial Court of Alberta, Canmore – August 2013]

S.B. was operating a motor vehicle in the company of P.P. on the Trans-Canada Highway near Banff Alberta when they were pulled over by the R.C.M.P. The reason given for the stop was tinting and mud flap concerns (yah right). This was of course a classic Pipeline Interdiction stop whereby a drug investigation is conducted under the guise of traffic enforcement. One thing lead to another and the police ultimately seized approximately 80 grams of cannabis marijuana and related paraphernalia. B.S. & P.P. were charged with possession of a controlled substance contrary to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. As both of our clients have reason to travel extensively in the United States the entry of a conviction (even for “simple” possession) would for all intents and purposes terminate travel south of the border. Bottom line: we were successful in resolving this most unfortunate prosecution in such a manner that all charges will be completely withdrawn.

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