11. Regina v. R.P. [Court of Queen’s Bench of Saskatchewan, Regina – April, 2011]

Client was the subject of an ongoing police investigation involving surveillance, confidential informants and the execution of multiple warrants to search. Client was ultimately charged with trafficking in a controlled substance and possession of proceeds of crime (approximately $85,000.00 cash). We entered an election of trial by way of a Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Saskatchewan sitting without the intervention of a jury and scheduled a preliminary inquiry. At the preliminary inquiry we were successful in securing a dismissal of the drug trafficking charge. Our client was committed to stand trial on the proceeds charge and a one week trial was scheduled in the Court of Queen’s Bench. The trial was actually conducted by one of Mr. Fagan’s very capable associates and at the conclusion of proceedings not only was a verdict of not guilty secured germane to the proceeds charge but we were successful in convincing the trial judge to grant an order directing that the police surrender/ return all money seized during the course of their ill-fated investigation.

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