R. v. P.J. [Provincial Court, Regina Saskatchewan, March 2017]

P.J. was charged on three separate files. First, he was charged with two counts of breaching his bail conditions (curfew and no alcohol) when he was allegedly found passed out in the driver’s seat of his vehicle late at night at a gas station. Second, he was charged with dangerous driving, evading police and breaching his bail condition to keep the peace and be of good behaviour. A high speed chase through the streets of Regina involving several police officers took place, which culminated in the arrest of P.J. Third, P.J. was charged with possession of a concealed weapon (a collapsible baton) and two counts of breaching his bail conditions. Ms. Fagan scheduled all three matters for trial.

BOTTOM LINE: Midway through her cross-examination of the first police witness in the first trial the Crown (who had previously been unwilling to resolve the matter for anything less than a significant penalty and criminal record) offered to withdraw all criminal charges against P.J. in exchange for him completing community service hours. No criminal record was incurred whatsoever for the three separate prosecutions that P.J. hired Ms. Fagan to defend.

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