R v. MOD [Court of Justice, Edmonton – April 2023]

SUMMARY: The Edmonton Police Service (“EPS”) received information from a reliable confidential source that MOD was engaged in trafficking cocaine. The EPS commenced an undercover operation during which MOD is alleged to have sold street level quantities of cocaine to undercover officers on no less than 4 occasions over a 2-month period. The undercover operation concluded with the execution of a Warrant to Search MOD’s home during which multiple items of investigatory consequence were seized including drug trafficking paraphernalia, score sheets and $6,300.00 cash. Some of that cash had serial numbers prerecorded by the police which were used to purchase cocaine during the undercover operation.

As a consequence of the foregoing MOD was charged with multiple counts of trafficking in cocaine contrary to Section 5(1) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act as well as possessing proceeds of crime contrary to Section 354 of the Criminal Code.

BOTTOM LINE: Patrick Fagan was successful in having all charges against MOD completely withdrawn.

Patrick Fagan

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