22. Regina v. M.M.C. [Provincial Court of Alberta, Calgary – October, 2013]

The police responded to a 911 emergency call which lead them to a basement suite. In that basement suite the police observed multiple weapons and blood splattered throughout the premises. The police secured the premises and obtained a warrant to search. The execution of that warrant yielded approximately 3 kilograms of cannabis marijuana, just under a “brick” (kilo) of hashish, packaging materials, multiple weapons, approximately $10,000.00 cash and related drug paraphernalia. MMC was charged with possession of cannabis marijuana for the purpose of trafficking, possession of cannabis resin (hashish) for the purpose of trafficking, possessing proceeds of crime and multiple weapons offences. A Crown offer of resolution by way of a guilty plea to possession for the purpose of trafficking in exchange for a 1 year prison term was rejected; subsequent offers of a conditional sentence order (house arrest) were also rejected. Pleas of not guilty were entered to all charges and the matter was scheduled for trial in Provincial Court. By the end of the first day of trial the case for the prosecution came apart at the seams. Consequently. . . the matter was dealt with by way of a guilty plea to simple possession of cannabis marijuana and a fine. All other charges were completely withdrawn.

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