29. Regina v. M.C. [Provincial Court of Alberta, Calgary – December 2012]

The police were in the midst of an undercover operation and were about to make a third purchase of methamphetamine (speed) from a known target. Prior to engaging in the undercover transaction the target advised the police that she was awaiting the arrival of her “supplier”. As police surveillance units surrounded the target’s premises M.C. rolls up in a vehicle and engages in a quick meet with the target. The target thereafter returns to her residence, contacts the police and advises them that a third party would be doing the deal. Shortly thereafter an undercover methamphetamine transaction took place between the police and someone else. The third party was arrested on the spot and the vehicle operated by MC was pursued, stopped and searched. As a consequence of that search the police seized a quantity of methamphetamine from MC as well as a cellular phone and approximately $1,500.00 cash. According to the police there were text messages on the cellular phone which corroborated their belief that MC was the “supplier”. MC was charged with possession of methamphetamine for the purpose of trafficking. Bottom line: at preliminary inquiry MC was committed to stand trial but only on the much lesser offence of simple possession of methamphetamine. MC no longer faces the jeopardy associated with the trafficking charge. We will be vigorously defending the remaining prosecution for simple possession.

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