R v. GGG [Provincial Court of British Columbia, Nanaimo – June 2022]

SUMMARY: GGG was charged with importing millions of dollars worth of cocaine across the US/Canada Border over an extended period of time in a transport truck. The trial (and this is right from a newspaper article in the Times Colonist)“… took place over several weeks in June in Provincial Court in Nanaimo and saw the Crown call 19 witnesses and an additional three experts, including a chemist, a retired detective with expertise in cocaine trafficking and a police officer with an expertise in commercial trans-border trucking.”

Bottom Line: At trial, Patrick Fagan was successful in securing verdicts of NOT guilty in relation to ALL charges.

Nanaimo-Judge-Finds-Man-Not-Guilty img

For those who may be interested in the actual Reasons for Judgement of the learned trial Judge, you can review the unreported decision dated June 29, 2022, by clicking here.

The case attracted considerable media attention, as evidenced by the following releases:

  1. chek NEWS April 27, 2021 – Nanaimo men facing multiple charges after RCMP seize large quantity of cocaine;
  2. Nanaimo News Staff April 28, 2021 – Two men appear in Nanaimo court after cocaine seized from “sophisticated” truck compartment;
  3. CCTV News July 26, 2022 – Nanaimo judge finds man not guilty of cocaine importation, trafficking;
  4. Times Colonist July 29, 2022 – Trucker acquitted in drug-trafficking case.
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