R. v. FFF [Provincial Court of Alberta, Calgary – October 2021]

SUMMARY: The CPS Guns and Gangs Unit commenced an investigation into the alleged drug trafficking activity of FFF and that investigation led to his arrest and the seizure of firearms and various drugs including fentanyl. FFF was arrested and charged with the following offences:

  1. Possession of a handgun; 
  2. Possession of a handgun for a purpose dangerou s to the public; 3. Possess a concealed handgun; 
  3. Possess a handgun without a license; 
  4. Possess a handgun in a motor vehicle; 
  5. Possess a handgun with readily accessible ammunition in a motor vehicle; 
  6. Possess proceeds of crime (cash) exceeding $5,000.00 ; 
  7. Possession of fentanyl for the purpose of trafficking; 
  8. Possession of crack cocaine for the purpose of trafficking; 10. Possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking; 
  9. Possession of alprazolam for the purpose of trafficking; 
  10. Possession of Adderall for the purpose of trafficking; 
  11. Production of crack cocaine. 

Bottom Line: Patrick Fagan was able to convince the Crown of the strength of his constitutional arguments vis a vis all items seized. ALL charges against FFF were successfully resolved by way of the entry of a Stay or Proceedings.

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