1. Regina v. D. B. [Provincial Court of Alberta, Calgary – January, 2012]

Client charged with multiple offences including five counts of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking in heroin, ecstasy, oxoycodone, clonazepam and cannabis marijuana. D.B. was the subject of ongoing surveillance by the police which lead to the execution of a warrant to search residential premises occupied by D.B. and other persons. D.B. was also charged with possession of stolen property, weapons and possessing proceeds (cash) of crime. The Crown was initially seeking (on an early guilty plea to possession for the purpose of trafficking) several years imprisonment – that offer was rejected. A preliminary inquiry was scheduled and at the commencement of those proceedings the entire matter was put to rest by way of a finding of guilt to simple possession of controlled substances – all other charges (including possession for the purpose of trafficking) were completely withdrawn. Our client received a fine of $3,000.00 and we all went home.

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