21. Regina v. C.C.M. [Provincial Court of Alberta, Airdrie – October, 2013]

The RCMP executed a warrant to search residential premises in Airdrie where they located a sophisticated three stage marijuana grow operation. Much to the chagrin of CCM he drove into the driveway of the grow house as the police were about to execute the warrant. CCM was arrested and a search of his person revealed the presence of a set of keys which were then used by the police to enter the grow house – not good.

As a consequence of the foregoing, CCM was charged with possession of cannabis marijuana for the purpose of trafficking and production/cultivation of cannabis marijuana. An offer by the Crown for a jail term of 18-24 months in exchange for a guilty plea to cultivation of marijuana was rejected. The matter was scheduled for preliminary inquiry. Bottom line: at preliminary inquiry the Crown was faced with insurmountable witness problems which resulted in the entire matter being resolved by way of a plea of guilty to simple possession of cannabis marijuana and a fine. All other charges were completely withdrawn.

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