R. v. A.S. [Alberta Provincial Court, Calgary, September 2017]

A.S. faced a multitude of charges and was out on bail on several matters. In June, 2017 he was arrested following a lengthy undercover investigation. Police alleged that A.S. had sold cocaine to a police officer on 6 different occasions. The police obtained a search warrant and seized a loaded firearm, 91 grams of cocaine and 58 fentanyl tabs from a residence associated to A.S. When A.S. was arrested he was allegedly holding a bag containing 65.4 grams of crack cocaine, 58 fentanyl pills and $6300 cash. Ms. Fagan obtained his release on bail. Two weeks later he was arrested again for breaching his bail conditions. Ms. Fagan again obtained his release on bail. Two months later A.S. was arrested for allegedly selling cocaine to another undercover police officer. He was arrested for trafficking cocaine (again).

BOTTOM LINE: Notwithstanding that the odds were stacked against the defence, and the Crown was vehemently opposed to release, Ms. Fagan was able to secure A.S.’s release on bail for the third time in a span in 3 months.

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