Mushroom bust magical

mushroom bust magical

City cops have smashed what’s thought to be the biggest magic mushroom grow and trafficking operation in Calgary’s history.

Officers from District 2 backed up by the drug unit raided a home on Prominence Path N.W. yesterday after receiving a tip, where they seized 865 bags of psilocybin, or magic mushrooms.

“These mushrooms were growing on a sophisticated rack system inside the master bedroom,” said Det. Ryan Dobson. ” This was an aggressive operation, and we conservatively estimate the value of the magic mushrooms at $300,000.

“It’s possible if the bags we seized produced more of the drug, the street value could be double that.”

Police know the growers were making plans for the future, which have now been wrecked.

“We also found approximately 75 large jars of mushroom spores in the basement, which were to be used to start another crop,” said Dobson. Magic mushrooms are fungi which produce hallucinogenic effects when eaten.

The accused, 35, is charged with cultivation of magic mushrooms and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

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