Judge rejects claim of police terror tactics

judge rejects police terror tactics

Police manhandling of a suspected drug dealer’s passenger was not a “terrorist tactic,” a judge said yesterday in rejecting a Charter application.

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Earl Wilson said the “dynamic takedown” conducted by police in arresting [the] alleged gang member was lawful.

Wilson rejected a suggestion by defence lawyer Pat Fagan the conduct of TAC team members who arrested [the accused] and his passenger fell into the “realm of police-state terrorism.”

In written arguments to support [the accused]’s Charter application, Fagan compared the arresting officers’ conduct to criminal behaviour.

“The motor vehicle was car-jacked without warning,” the defence lawyer submitted.

“Windows were smashed and violence was perpetrated against the vehicle’s passenger,” he said.

“The rationale for the search was lacking, in that violence was preferred over peaceful alternatives.

“This search was nothing short of a ‘terrorist attack,’” Fagan said.

But Wilson said the evidence contradicted the defence position.

He noted the TAC team members were dealing with an alleged gang member when they stopped [the accused]’s car on Nov. 30, 2005, as he drove in the city’s northeast.

“I am satisfied that the force used was reasonable, restrained and proportional to the threat posed by the accused and/or his passenger,” Wilson said.

Officers who arrested [the accused] as part of a warrant to search his vehicle conducted a “hot stop” at Marlborough Dr. and 52 St. N.E.

They boxed in his car and then smashed the windows on both the driver’s and passenger sides before removing [the accused and his passenger].

When [the passenger] initially ignored police commands he was punched three times and then complied.

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