Gangster suspect faces new gun charge

gangster suspect faces charge

One of three suspected high-ranking gang members is in more legal hot water after police charged him with another firearms offence.

The accused made a brief court appearance yesterday and was remanded in custody after he was charged with a Feb. 26, charge of possession of a handgun for a dangerous purpose.

He was arrested while out on bail on eight other weapons offences stemming from a police traffic stop on April 8, 2004.
The accused, 27, was nabbed then, along with two other accused, both 21, after police stopped an SUV at 16 Ave. and Stoney Tr. N.W.

Police said a fully loaded Glock pistol and a collapsible baton similar to ones used by officers were seized.

All three were released on bail by justices of the peace – although appeals of two of those decisions by the Crown will be heard next week.

Prosecutor Sue Kendall will apply next Thursday to have the accused detained pending trial after unsuccessfully seeking the revocation of the accused’s bail.

Defence lawyer Pat Fagan, who acts for the accused, suggested outside court police were just trying to gain ammunition for that application by laying a further charge against his client.

“It certainly alters the equation,” he said.
“I suspect the police are beating the bushes vis-a-vis the … application to revoke their bail,” Fagan said.

All three are scheduled to return to provincial court next Friday.

“I suspect the police are beating the bushes vis-a-vis the … application to revoke their bail.”
– Pat Fagan, defence lawyer

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