Final arguments in pimping trial delayed

final arguments in pimping

The city will have to wait to hear if a judge takes it to task for its escort bylaw, which a former firefighter is arguing negates the prostitution charges he faces.

On Friday, the three-week pimping trial for the accused was adjourned in Court of Queen’s Bench after some legal arguments.

The accused’s lawyer, Pat Fagan, is asking Justice Patrick Sullivan to stay all 15 prostitution related charges against the accused, 40. The charges include living on the avails of prostitution and keeping a common bawdy house.

Fagan and his client say the city’s bylaw, which requires escorts and agencies to be licensed, legalizes the sex trade.

“The City of Calgary licenses the escort industry, the City of Calgary was my employer, so if it is good enough for them to license, then it was good enough for me to work for,” testified the accused in his own defence.

The former municipal employee said he and his on-again, off-again girlfriend opened Liaisons Escort Agency after talking to the city and police about legalities of the sex-for-money industry.

The accused told the court he was surprised when he was arrested on Oct. 26, 2002, because he believed what he was doing was legal.

Police rearrested him on Jan. 27, 2003, claiming he continued to send escorts on sex-for-money dates.

The matter will be back before the courts on Dec. 14, when the final arguments will be scheduled.

It’s estimated the final arguments will take four days.

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