Escort’s Death Sparked Rearrest of Accused

Escorts Death Sparked RearrestA Calgary escort who killed herself at an upscale Vancouver hotel after turning tricks there had a void cheque in her possession from a former Calgary firefighter who is now standing trial for being her alleged pimp.

Court heard previously that the 26-year-old woman fell to her death from the 22nd floor of the Century Plaza Hotel on the morning of Dec. 21, 2002.

At that time, the accused was facing a raft of prostitution-related charges arising from an Oct. 26, 2002 arrest and his involvement with Liaisons Escort Agency.

Vice unit Det. Michael Dulaney, who led the investigation dubbed Operation Dalmatian, told court Tuesday that shortly after the woman’s death, he received a package from her mother that contained a Daytimer with the accused’s telephone numbers in it.

The accused was rearrested on Jan. 27, 2003. and charged with living on the avails of prostitution in regards to her and two other women, including a 17-year-old. A wide-ranging publication ban prohibits their identification.

Dulaney told court that while searching the accused’s SUV during the second arrest, he found a black, hardcover journal used to track escort’s dates and payments.

“It indicated to me the business was still operating,” said Dulaney.

A torn-out page found in the vehicle’s console had the dead escort’s phone number, named the Century Plaza hotel and provided information about men she was seeing there.

“There was a phone number with two hours beside it and a scratched out $400 replaced with $260,” said Dulaney. “I had the opinion it came from this particular book.”

On Monday, a man who had sex with the escort a few hours before she died told Justice Patrick Sullivan that he originally scheduled a two-hour appointment with the woman, but changed his mind, opting for a one-hour session and paid her $250 for oral sex and intercourse.

The accused’s lawyer, Pat Fagan, is asking for a stay of all 15 charges against his client on the basis that the city licenses escort agencies such as Liaisons and is therefore legitimizing the sex trade.

The Court of Queen’s Bench trial continues today.

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