Crown seeks alleged gangsters’ bail review

The Crown’s office will seek a review of bail granted on the weekend to three alleged gang members, each facing eight weapons charges, prosecutor Sue Kendall said Monday.

“We have ordered, on an expedited basis, a copy of the transcripts of the bail hearing before the justice of the peace,” Kendall said outside provincial court following the men’s first appearances.

Three accused between the ages of 20 and 27, were arrested at around 10 p.m. Friday after police surrounded a silver 2000 Dodge Durango SUV at Stoney Trail and 16th Avenue N.W. Officers found a loaded Glock handgun hidden in a secret compartment. The men were released about 12 hours later.

“I’m not surprised they were released. They had a solid hearing before a JP,” said defence lawyer Pat Fagan, who is representing the accused.

“There was no reason to keep my client in custody. He has no criminal record as an adult,” said Charlie Stewart, the lawyer of one of the accused.

Steve Virk, who is representing one of the accused, said his client has no prior record for breaches of court orders and his record is very minimal.

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