Cop says escorts not pressured

cop says escorts not pressuredPolice didn’t pressure escorts into turning on accused pimp the accused by threatening their livelihood, a vice cop testified yesterday.

Det. Mike Dulaney rejected a suggestion police tried to block the women from moving to new agencies unless they agreed to testify against the accused.

And Dulaney denied allegations investigators turned a blind eye to the illegal activities of some agencies while targeting the accused’s Liasons Escorts.

Defence lawyer Pat Fagan quizzed the officer about why the accused business was investigated, while other agencies in Calgary were not.

“Did Calgary Police Service try to put pressure on these girls to provide statements by making it a problem for them to hook up with other escort agencies?” said Fagan.

“No, sir,” Dulaney said.

The officer said he never contacted any business to indicate police didn’t want them to hire specific individuals.

Fagan will decide this morning whether to call any evidence before arguing whether the charges should be thrown out against the accused.

Fagan will submit his client was a victim of officially induced error amounting to an abuse of process because the city sanctions the escort business knowing it is a front for prostitution.

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