Cop couldn’t pick

cop couldnt pick

The lead investigator in a heroin trafficking case couldn’t pick the suspects out of a photo lineup – but his civilian partner could, court heard yesterday.

RCMP Const. Len Pizzacalla admitted he was unable to identify the accused, 26, and the co-accused, 23, when he viewed two lineups 11 days after purchasing 56 grams of heroin.

But Sgt. Ross Shapka later testified the Crown’s star witness, Cau Tien, selected both accused as being present when Pizzacalla made the buy.

Pizzacalla said he was working with Tien when the sale was made at a MacLeod Tr. restaurant.

He said they went there with MTT, also known as DFM, to buy the drugs for $7,000 cash.

But Pizzacalla admitted under cross-examination by defence lawyer Pat Fagan he couldn’t identify either of the accused as being present. Tien is expected to testify today.

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