R. v. C.J. [Provincial Court, Calgary, December 2014]

C.J. was charged with causing death by criminal negligence and failing to provide the necessities of life as a result of the death of an infant in his care. Ms. Fagan secured his release on bail on reasonable terms. IN THE NEWS: Calgary Herald Calgary parents accused of malnutrition in death of boy granted bail IN THE NEWS: Calgary Sun Calgary couple charged in death of toddler seeking bail

R. v. Y.Z. [Provincial Court, Calgary, December 2014]

Y.Z. retained Ms. Fagan to defend him on two separate matters. The first set of allegations were that Y.Z. was driving while impaired. Police observed Y.Z. driving erratically in a northwest neighborhood and pulled him over. Y.Z. admitted to drinking alcohol, had open alcohol in the vehicle and blew well over the legal blood alcohol limit. At trial Ms. Fagan successfully argued that Y.Z.’s right to a lawyer had been violated and verdicts of “not guilty” were entered. While awaiting …

R. v. F.J. [Provincial Court, Calgary, December 2014]

F.J. was charged with a number of charges stemming from a former intimate relationship. Two trial dates were scheduled. With respect to the first trial date, F.J. was alleged to have assaulted his girlfriend with a crowbar. He was charged with possession of a weapon for a purpose dangerous to the public peace, assault with a weapon and assault causing bodily harm. In regards to the second trial date, F.J. was alleged to have broken into his girlfriend’s home. He …

R. v. T.C. [Provincial Court, Calgary, December 2014]

T.C. was charged with five counts of trafficking cocaine and one count of possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. He was alleged to have sold cocaine/ crack cocaine to an undercover police officer on five separate occasions. Upon his arrest a search warrant was executed on T.C.’s home yielding cocaine, digital scales and personal documents. Ms. Fagan obtained a (i.e. T.C. walked free with no criminal record).

R. v. K.A. [Provincial Court, Calgary, October 2014]

K.A. was charged with possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking; possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking and possession of possession of proceeds of crime (in the neighborhood of $20,000). Without even having to schedule a trial date Ms. Fagan secured the withdrawal of the charges against K.A..

R. v. K.A. [Provincial Court, Calgary, September 2014]

K.A. was charged with a number of diverse and serious charges when he retained Ms. Fagan to secure his release. He was initially arrested on allegations of kidnapping, unlawful confinement and sex assault. Three months later he was alleged to have breached by being in possession of cocaine and marijuana for the purpose of trafficking and proceeds of crime. He was then released on a second set of bail conditions. Less than a month later he was alleged to have …

R. v. B.T. [Provincial Court, Calgary, August 2014]

B.T. was charged with a number of serious charges related to the possession of a stolen, loaded handgun. If found guilty at trial T.B. was facing what was then the mandatory minimum punishment of 3 years federal incarceration. B.T. was involved in a domestic disturbance with his girlfriend who contacted the police. B.T. left the scene and witnesses saw him remove a bag from his vehicle and put it in the bushes. When the police attended they located the bag …

Regina v. B.P [Provincial Court, Canmore, July 2014]

B.P was charged with two counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking (cocaine and MDMA) and possession of marijuana and methamphetamine. After receiving information from a confidential informant the police obtained a search warrant to search a residence finding B.P. (and the alleged impugned substances) within. To make matters worse from a defence perspective, B.P. provided a full confession. In defence of this prosecution Ms. Fagan prepared and filed a detailed notice of her intention to seek relief under …

Regina v. V.M. [Provincial Court, Calgary, June 2014]

V.M. was charged with trafficking in marijuana. The alleged transaction was captured on video and thereafter V.M. provided a full confession to the police. V.M. was a high ranking professional who frequently traveled to the United States and could not maintain his position if he was convicted. Ms. Fagan was successful in obtaining an absolute discharge (i.e. no criminal record).

Regina v. A.V. [Provincial Court, March 2014]

A.V. was charged with dangerous driving, impaired driving and operation of a motor vehicle while his blood alcohol level exceeded the legal limit. A.V. was alleged to have driven his vehicle down the wrong side of the Trans Canada, narrowly missing a police vehicle. He provided a full confession and had blood alcohol readings in excess of three times the legal limit. At the end of a hard fought trial Ms. Fagan secured “not guilty” verdicts on all charges.

Regina v. W.T. [Provincial Court, Calgary, February 2014]

W.T. was charged with production of marijuana, possession of proceeds of crime and possession of cocaine. The police entered his home while he was present and allegedly found a grow operation, several hundred dollars cash and a small amount of cocaine. Despite the very serious nature of the charges, Ms. Fagan succeeded in securing an absolute discharge and avoiding the entry of a criminal record.

Regina v. K.C. [Provincial Court, Calgary, February 2014]

K.C. was charged with attempted murder. The police alleged that he attended at the residence of another man and shot him in the stomach using a shot gun. Despite the fact that “attempted murder” is one of the most difficult charges a person may face in obtaining bail, Ms. Fagan successfully secured the release of her client on reasonable terms.

Regina v. K.R. [Court of Queen’s Bench, Calgary, February 2014]

K.R. was charged with possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking and possession of proceeds of crime. He was arrested in his home where over 60 grams of cocaine and approximately $30,000.00 were allegedly located pursuant to a search warrant. Ms. Fagan (facing two experienced Crown Prosecutors) secured verdicts of “not guilty” on both charges at the conclusion of a complex 5 day Queen’s Bench trial.