Regina v. G.T. [Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, September 2013]

Client charged with impaired driving causing bodily harm and dangerous driving causing bodily harm, both of which carry a mandatory jail sentence. After a hard fought 5 day preliminary inquiry the entire matter was resolved by way of guilty plea to impaired driving and a fine. The much more serious charges carrying the mandatory jail sentence were completely withdrawn.

Regina v. P.R. [Calgary Provincial Court, September 2013]

The police received information from multiple confidential informants that P.R. was dealing crack cocaine. After extensive police surveillance a search warrant was obtained and executed on P.R.’s home. The police found P.R. alone the in the residence sitting beside a bag of approximately a pound of crack cocaine and $40,000.00 cash. R.P. was promptly arrested and charged with possession of crack cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, possession of proceeds of crime and three counts of breach of a court …

Regina v. F.E. [Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, September 2013]

Client was charged with possession of approximately 1 kilogram of methamphetamine for the purpose of trafficking and numerous firearm offences. She was released on bail, one condition of which was to have no contact with her co-accused. Over the course of two months the police allegedly intercepted over 500 conversations between F.E. and her co-accused – many of those conversations involved the alleged destruction of material evidence. Her bail was promptly denied at the Provincial Court level (where she was …

Regina v. M.M. & T.L. [Territorial Court of the Northwest Territories, Hay River, August 2013]

Clients were charged with possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking and two firearm offences. The case against P.R. was very compelling and the Crown’s pre-trial resolution offer was 9 months incarceration in exchange for a timely guilty plea. The offer was rejected and the case scheduled for trial. On the first day of trial Ms. Fagan succeeded in having all charges withdrawn.

Regina v. H.K. [Provincial Court, Lethbridge, August 2013]

H.K. was allegedly involved in a high speed chase with the Drug Enforcement Agency (“DEA”) in the United States that ended in a collision. Our client allegedly ran across the Canadian/US border where he was apprehended by the RCMP. H.K. was charged with the importation of 9.5 kilograms of cocaine. Ms. Fagan was able to secure H.K.’s release on bail.

Regina v. T.B. [Arrest Processing Unit, Calgary, July 2013]

T.B. was charged with possession of approximately 1 kilogram of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking; possession of oxycontin for the purpose of trafficking (~2000 pills); two counts of trafficking in cocaine and psilocybin (mushrooms); possession of proceeds of crime ($190,000) and nine breaches of a peace bond. Ms. Fagan was able to secure T.B.’s release on bail within 24 hours of his arrest.

Regina v. W.S. [Calgary Provincial Court, April 2013/ May 2013]

W.S. was on bail conditions relative to allegations of possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking out of Newfoundland. While on release, W.S. acquired with two additional sets drug charges in Alberta. The allegations with respect to the first Alberta drug matter were that W.S. was driving a motor vehicle that was pulled over by the police. The police stated that they could smell fresh marijuana emanating from the trunk of the vehicle and conducted a search which yielded …

Regina v. A.H. [Calgary Provincial Court, June 2013]

This was the largest heroin importation seizure in the history of Alberta. The allegations were that A.H. had traveled from South Africa to Calgary with over 12 kilograms of heroin in two suitcases with false bottoms. He was arrested at the airport allegedly holding the suitcases. A.H. was a refugee and resided in Toronto with no ties to Calgary or Alberta. According to police the heroin had an estimated street value of 3 million dollars. The Crown was vehemently opposed ...

Minister of Justice v. L.D. [Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, May 2013]

This was a civil forfeiture matter which involved the agents of the Province of Alberta seizing a home valued at over half a million dollars. L.D. was a father whose son was charged with trafficking in marijuana, possession of proceeds of crime and possession for the purpose of trafficking (marijuana). Multiple kilograms of marijuana and almost $100,000 in cash were found in the home allegedly occupied by the son. Ms. Fagan was successful in challenging the application for forfeiture of …

Regina v. S.H. [Calgary Provincial Court, March 2013]

S.H. was subject to two bail orders – one a drug matter and the other a sexual assault. The allegations were that S.H. was found in a bar, past his curfew, in the company of people with whom he had a no contact order. A total of 6 charges of breach of condition were laid. S.H. was approached by Calgary City Police (Gang Suppression Team) and using the provisions of the “Liquor and Gaming Act” the police asked S.H. to …