Bail decision riles police: Special prosecutor could review release of three suspected gang members

Bail Calgary: Bail decision riles police

CITY COPS are angry three people they arrested on gang-related charges Friday are already back on the streets.

One cop close to the case, who did not want his name revealed, said the situation has become a joke.

“We can get these guys and charge them, but there’s a problem somewhere between the police and the rest of the justice system,” said the cop.

“The people we arrested were already on court-imposed conditions – which we’re alleging they breached – and just releasing them on more conditions only teaches them the system is a joke.”

On Friday, cops stopped a Dodge Durango at Stoney Tr. N.W. and 16 Ave. N.W. Police said three known gang members were inside.

Cops searched the SUV and found a fully loaded Glock pistol – with the serial numbers filed off – hidden inside a secret compartment under the driver’s floor mat.

They also seized a collapsible baton, similar to the ones police officers carry.

Police said two suspects were unlawfully at large at the time of the arrest and laid dozens of serious charges against all three people who were inside the SUV.

At the time of the arrests, cops said the arrests were significant and all the accused are in the upper echelons of a gang.

Now, all three are free on bail, released after appearing before a justice of the peace.
Pat Fagan, one of the defence lawyers in the case, said bail was warranted and his client is not a member of any gang.

“All I’ve heard is allegations of gang affiliations,” said Fagan outside court yesterday.

“I have seen absolutely no evidence, no proof, of that. They’re all presumed innocent and all of them had a solid hearing before a JP and it was determined that it would not be contrary to the public interest to release them and that’s what happened.”

A special prosecutor who is looking after gang cases said she will go over the transcripts from the hearing to see if they are any grounds to review the releases.

Three accused were charged with numerous offences, including possession of a prohibited or restricted weapon, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose and possession of a firearm with a serial number that was altered, defaced or removed.

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