Alleged pimp to argue no crime done

alleged-pimp-to-argueThe city has legalized prostitution – that’s the argument being put to a judge at the pimping trial of a form Calgary firefighter that began in Court of Queen’s Bench on Monday.

“Our position is he shouldn’t be charged with any of these offences because the City of Calgary has legitimized the sex trade,” said lawyer Patrick Fagan outside court on behalf of his client.

“You can not be an escort unless you are employed by an escort agency, and you can not be an escort unless you have a license from the city. So he shouldn’t have been investigated and prosecuted in the first place.”

Fagan said he intends to call evidence about the city’s policy regarding the escort bylaw, including minutes from meetings where the issue was debated.

The accused, 40, faces 15 charges, including living off the avails of prostitution, controlling or influencing a person engaged in prostitution and keeping a bawdy house, following a 2002 raid at his home, the fire hall where he worked and Liaisons Escort Agency.

Justice Patrick Sullivan heard that the accused’s car was also searched after he was arrested.

Det. Gordon McCulloch told the court he found business cards for Liaisons and Little Angels Entertainment Corp. inside the vehicle. There was also a folder containing some marketing materials for the businesses. Escorts for the companies were charging $200 for a half hour, with a two-hour relaxation special for $400, which included a shower, massage, drinks and playtime.

Inside the accused’s home, McCulloch testified he found numerous receipt books with clients’ names, the lady or contractor (both terms were used), amount and service rendered. Some of the escorts were making more than $4,000 from their 14 dates a month. A monthly financial statement for May indicated the escorts went on a total of 110 dates, collecting $32,470.

Receipts also had letter codes that corresponded with the fees and services provided.

“The longer the time spent, the greater the amount of money associated with it, as it would be for any type of rental,” said McCulloch.

He also testified about a copy of the management structure of Liaisons. It listed the accused as the driver, management consultant and website manager.

Some appointment books, promotional photos of escorts and approximately 40 videos were also seized from the accused’s home.

The three-week trial continues.

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