9. Regina v. S.N.M. [ Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, Calgary – August 2016]

This is another PIPELINE case.

According to the RCMP they pulled SNM over for speeding.  During the traffic stop the police, employing their Pipeline training, formulated the suspicion that SNM was transporting drugs.  Consequently, a police drug dog was summoned to the scene and deployed on the vehicle.  The dog “hit” whereupon the police conducted the search of the vehicle resulting in the seizure of approximately 4000 grams of cannabis resin (oil) in a multitude of jars, another ½ kilogram of cannabis resin (oil) in 44 smaller vials and a couple of chunks of hash.

SNM was charged with possession of cannabis resin for the purpose of trafficking. Patrick Fagan entered pleas of not guilty and scheduled the matter for trial in Queen’s Bench.  SNM’s primary objective was to stay out of jail.  Given the changes to the sentencing legislation in relation to offences of this nature the odds of achieving that objective were remote.

BOTTOM LINE: During the course of Queen’s Bench trial proceedings an opportunity presented itself which resulted in Patrick Fagan resolving this prosecution by way of a conditional sentence order (ie: no jail).

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