8. Regina v. B.R.R. [Provincial Court of Alberta, Canmore – July 2016]

This is another PIPELINE case.

BRR was a passenger in a vehicle that was westbound on Highway #1 near Lake Louise. An RCMP officer was sitting in the median watching trafficking go by and he decided to pursue and stop the vehicle. Why? According to the officer, it had a “dirty unreadable license plate”.  The officer, utilizing his Pipeline training, developed grounds to suspect that the vehicle contained drugs so he detained BRR and the driver.  During the course of that detention the officer deployed his drug dog. The dog “hit” on the vehicle and a subsequent search revealed the presence of a large quantity of cannabis marijuana. BRR and the driver were charged with possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

BOTTOM LINE: As a consequence of protracted negotiation with the Crown Patrick Fagan was successful in having all charges against BRR successfully resolved by way of a stay of proceedings.

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