18. Regina v. R.S.S. [Provincial Court, Calgary – July 2015]


1) Possession of crack cocaine for the purpose of trafficking
2) Possession of proceeds of crime

The Guns & Gang Unit executed a drug warrant on residential premises associate to RSS. The police seized in excess of 40 grams of cocaine and approximately $4,000.00 cash. According to the police the cocaine was packaged in small amounts consistent with trafficking. In addition to the foregoing the police had conducted surveillance on RSS during which they observed multiple meetings of short duration consistent (according to the police) with drug trafficking. Patrick Fagan rejected the Crown’s offer of a jail term of 2 years imprisonment in exchange for a timely guilty plea as charged.

Bottom Line: Prior to the commencement of the preliminary inquiry Patrick Fagan was successful in resolving this most unfortunate prosecution by way of a guilty plea to “simple” possession of cocaine and a $1,000.00 fine. Patrick Fagan was also successful in having that fine paid from cash seized by the police.

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