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Patrick Fagan, Criminal Lawyer

Patrick C. Fagan

For the past 25 years Patrick Fagan has devoted his professional life to the defense of persons charged with criminal offences.

Mr. Fagan’s trial experience ranges from shoplifting to million dollar fraud, common assault to first degree murder, impaired driving to criminal negligence causing death and simple possession of drugs to wholesale trafficking and importation. Mr. Fagan has secured verdicts of not guilty in a number of high profile cases and has an established record of success.

Patrick Fagan’s Bio
Kaysi Fagan, Criminal Lawyer

Kaysi Fagan

Kaysi Fagan is the only practicing criminal defence lawyer in Calgary with three law degrees from three different countries.

Fluent in French and conversational in Spanish, Ms. Fagan returned to Calgary after working at the headquarters of the International Police Organization (INTERPOL) in Lyon, France. She was the first articling student to have worked under Patrick C. Fagan Q.C. and has worked with him as co-counsel on multiple high-profile matters.

Kaysi Fagan’s Bio

Slide “Even though the police knew they lived there for
months in a house full of pot plants, without direct
evidence the couple was actually tending the
marijuana plants a sharp lawyer like Fagan could
make mince meat out of their case.”
Avenue Magazine, Calgary – 2005
Slide “To be cross-examined by the pit-bull like
Fagan is to enter into a hellish nightmare.”
Calgary Herald – November 9, 2005
Slide “In court Fagan tore up the validity of
that warrant like it was wet toilet paper.”
Avenue Magazine – February, 2006